OKCoin Korea set to open cryptocurrency exchange bourse in Korea
OKCoin Korea set to open cryptocurrency exchange bourse in Korea
  • Jason Kang
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OKCoin Korea, a Korean subsidiary of the Chinese crypto currency exchange OKCoin, is set to open its offical crypto currency exchange bourse in Korea sometime in December at the latest.


At a media briefing held in downtown Seoul on Dec. 3rd, Cho Jung Hwan, CEO with OKCoin Korea said, "We have been running a beta service for months, and are well-ready to launch the commercial de facto trading service with upgrades on UX (user experience) and UI(user interface).


Established in 2013, OKCoin is a China-based digital assets trading platform operator. In 2017, the company had established its crypto currency exchange OKEx in Hong Kong. OKEx is now competing with Binance and Huobi on an equal footing for seizing control of global crypto currency market.


OKCoin Korea, the subsidiary of the OKCoin was established in 2017 and then has been offering a beta service of its crypto currency exchange platform since April 2018. NHN Entertainment, an offspring of NHN, an owner and operator of Korea's largest portal site Naver had invested in OKCoin Korea to take a stake.


CEO Cho said, "OKCoin Korea is cooperating with NHN Entertainment, one of our shareholders, on a long-term partnership basis. Our beta service has already signed up 300,000 users even before it officially goes online. That's huge achievements, given the fact that it represents one third of Korea's approximately 1 million crypto currency traders."

According to him, OKCoin Korea, a full member of Korea Blockchain Association, has already survived the association's voluntary regulation screening procedures, getting entitled as one of the regulation-complied 20 exchanges. In Korea, there are about 200 crypto currency exchange bourses in operation, and the remaining 80 exchanges are reported not to pass the regulation screening test.


"As evidenced in the error-and mishap-free operation of our best service, OKCoin Korea exchange is a very secure and stable crypto currency platform. More importantly, it can provide ultra-fast transaction speed," stressed he.


Added he, "We also plan to launch a sort of blockbuster services in the first quarter of 2019, which would mark a watershed moment in the global cryptocurreny industry.


Meanwhile, Jay Hao CEO with OKEx, who was invited to join the media briefing, explained what he thinks are OKEx platform's three key principles.


"Our platform runs on three key axis. The top priority is security, which we think has helped to create a secure and safe transaction environment for digital assets.


The second mantra is innovation, which will enable OKEx platform to make a great technological contribution to the global blockchain industry. The third principle is integrity and honesty, which has led us to become the most trusty exchange platform. Based on these three key principles, we will continue to innovate on our own to become the most secure and trusty market leader," emphasized he.


Written by Kang Jin Kyu viper@thebchain.co.kr

Edited by Jason Kang jason@thebchain.co.kr 


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