DAYBIT opens EOS key crypto currency exchnge bourse on Dec. 3rd
DAYBIT opens EOS key crypto currency exchnge bourse on Dec. 3rd
  • Jason Kang
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Operated by Chain Partners, digital assets exchange DAYBIT opens EOS key crypto currency exchange on Dec. 3rd.


So far, DAYBIT has run crypto currency exchanges only for BTC and ETH -two key currencies. With the opening, EOS has become its third key currency tradable on the bourse.


The opening has enabled holders of EOS tokens to directly trade their EOS assets with other crypto currencies without converting them into BTC or ETH. What is to be mainly listed on the EOS exchange bourse are EOS-based DApp (Decentralized Application) and EOS-based Side Chain.


DAYBIT has listed two tokens on the EOS bourse - distributed computing service BOID and redeemable SNS service DABBLE.

BOID is a sort of crypto currency that gets redeemed in return for sharing PC resources.


DAYBIT also has a plan to publicize several dozens of tokens on the EOS exchange until the 1st quarter of 2019.


DAYBIT will cooperate with EOS blockchain accelerator EOSYS to sort out prospective EOS-based crypto currency tokens.


"Not only has EOS-based DApp been in actual use, but also traded in high volume, compared with ETH-based DApp, but unfortunately, there have been no exchange bourse to list EOS. If EOS-based DApp token are in wide us, it will help expand EOS blockchain ecosystem, " said Kim Hong Uk, team leader with EOSYS.


"The cooperation between EOSYS and EOS, which successfully launched EOS main net, will contribute to the healthy and fast penetration of just fledging EOS ecosystem . We are willing to help everything from issuance to marketing to expand EOS-based project portfolio, " said Pyo Chul Min, CEO with Chain Partners.


Written by Hwang Chi Kyu

Edited by Jason Kang jason@the


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