Hancom bets on 'smart city platfom' for future growth
Hancom bets on 'smart city platfom' for future growth
  • Jason Kang
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Hancom Group will stake out a 'smart city platform' as a next generation of growth engine, mustering all of its technological and human resources to focus on this environment-friendly, intelligent and green-energy project.


At a press conference held in downtown Seoul on Dec. 6, Kim Sang Chul, chairman with Hancom Group said, "All of our affiliates will rally their resources behind the smart city project, as we aim to derive 50% of our revenue from the new business by 2020."


At the heart of the new business project is its own home-grown, integrated 'HANCOM' smart city platform that comes built with IoT, blockchain and surveillance technologies.


The HANCOM integrated smart city platform has been built around three key sub-platforms. Its 'NeoIDM" and ThingSPIN IoT platform is where big data are gathered and analyzed across every corner of cities. Dubbed as 'HANCOM S-Ledge' is a sort of blockchain platform that store data on a distributed network to guarantee security and trust.


The last piece of the puzzle is HANCOM ICP (Intelligent City Platform), a surveillance platform that visualizes, monitors, shares and distributes data.


The company plans to scale up the HANCOM smart city platform to upgrade it as a future-proof smart cit platform that can predict and alert of what's coming next.


"We set out to create a smart city ecosystem allowing enterprises, research centers, provincial governments, and municipalities to freely log on the platform to make their concept a reality. Our successful implementation of the smart city platform in Korea will lay out the foundation for our advances into overseas market," explained Kim Sang Chul, chairman with Hancom.


On the way toward that goal, Hancom joined hands with Seoul Metropolitan City Government, WeGO, Korea Smart Card, KOSMIC, and SUSA in 2017 to create "Seoul Appia Consortium'.


Hancom is now in talks with major cities in Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Turkey to export the concept and the architecture of its 'Seoul Smart City Model. Hancom Group is the owner of Korea's office software developer Hancom Inc.


Written by Hwang Chi Kyu delight@thebchain.co.kr

Edited by Jason Kang jason@thebchain.co.kr

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