Countdown to the listing of LINKA to ABCC begins - a beachhead for Southeastern market
Countdown to the listing of LINKA to ABCC begins - a beachhead for Southeastern market
  • Jason Kang
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Blockchain-based financial inclusion service provider LINKA is to be listed on Singapore-based digital assets exchange ABCC Exchange on Dec 10, 2019, a move to establish a beachhead to advance into Southeastern blockchain-based financial service and FinTech market.

The listing will come 3 months after it launched its LINKA platform in Korea in September 2018. LINKA is a comprehensive financial platform that is built around FinTech and blockchain technology solution to offer loans and P2P remittance services, credits, and payment services.

The company said that the listing will be a launching pad for its forays into the Southeastern market, as it plans to launch its services in Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in January 2019.

The listing also represents LINKA’s strategic attempt to diversify its product portfolio into digital assets markets – a move to reduce its dependency on Bitcoin, as the global crypto-currency market is in turmoil, see free-falls in the prices.

“Given the facts that more than 70% of population in the Southeastern regions don’t have bank accounts, LINKA is better poised to address and benefit from the market, as our LINKA platform services are mostly ‘bank-less’ financial services like P2P mobile payments, credits, and remittance services, “ said Kim Jeung Wook, CEO with LINKA.

Added he, “As our LINKA token can be traded on the Singapore-based ABCC Exchange, we finally comes to take one further step to live up to our goal to establish a token economy where a new breed of consumers, blockchain technology, and crypto-currency will combine to create what’s called as virtuous cycle.”

The Singapore-based ABCC Exchange is one of the world’s leading digital assets exchange that aims to offer frictionless, and user-centric trading experiences.

“Despite recent plunges in the prices of key crypto-currencies, the value of LINKA token stays unaffected, keep rising. As with the case, we expect the LINKA-based digital assets like tokens to remain immune from price fluctuations of Bitcoin crypto-currencies when the digital assets will be converted into physical assets,” stressed CEO Kim.

According to LINKA, its Zero-pay, Payback, One-time QR and Reverse–direction Payments services prove a commercial success after they were launched in September 2018. Coming on their heels, LINKA Wallet and Credit Scoring services will take off soon with various promotional events such as airdrops and discounts for ABCC exchange users. LINKA Wallet service is a sort of currency trading service that enables exchanges between crypto-currencies.

LINKA is Singapore-headquartered, blockchain-centric financial inclusion service provider

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