Kakao rallies 8 more contents providers behind 'Klaytn' platform -Watcha, Zanadu
Kakao rallies 8 more contents providers behind 'Klaytn' platform -Watcha, Zanadu
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2018.12.12 10:58
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A move to expand Klaytn blockchain ecosystem

Korean social media service provider Kakao is rallying large-scale user group-based contents service providers behind its global public blockchain platform ‘Klaytn’ to expand its ecosystem.

The company said today that it has signed a series of partnership agreements with 8 big volume user group-based contents service providers like Watcha’s blockchain project ‘Contents Protocol’ and Zanadu’s blockchain project ‘Atlas’.

The deals follow on the heels of the Oct. agreements with 9 blockchain platform operators like WeMadeTree and Fiction Networks, manifesting its strategic choice to secure as many users as possible before it opens a Klaytn main net –a move to democratize the platform.

The Klaytn platform is now in the test-run service and is scheduled to start the commercial service sometime in the first half of 2019.

The win-win advantage is a good fit for the partnership. Its ecosystem partners can recalibrate their contents services around the Klaytn blockchain platform not only to expand, but also diversify its user group, as the distributed and decentralized blockchain technology can make it easier for them to access contents.

For the ‘Klaytn’ platform, their content partners’ technical feedbacks can help it to find technological loopholes and then make up for them to make the platform as perfect as possible. The cooperation with their partners will also help the Klaytn platform to offer DApp service on the text net –a move to democratize the blockchain-based contents services – before it goes live.

For example, ‘Watcha’ is a movie recommendation and rating service platform that boasts of massive user group of 4.5 million moviegoers. Its Contents Protocol, the first of Watcha’s blockchain project, will store users’ activities like movie recommendations, ratings and reviews on the blockchain network and then redeem their contributions by level.

Run by Chinese luxury travel service provider Zanadu, the ‘Atlas' blockchain platform is a sort of travel data-centric platform that gathers data from customers, travel agencies, airlines, and hotel chains and then store on the blockchain network.

Klaytn aims to become the user-friendly, decentralized market place where app developers can easily develop their apps with the support of intuitive and easy-to-use DX. The platform also set its sights on becoming a partner- and user- centric market place that enables its contents service providers to join a consensus node to reach a common ground on certain business decision making and then allows its users to share the results on the ranger node.

The Klayton platform is run by Ground X, a blockchain subsidiary of Kakao


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