Weather forecast big data service provider 'Observer' lists its coins on Coinsuper
Weather forecast big data service provider 'Observer' lists its coins on Coinsuper
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2018.12.17 11:03
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Smart weather forecast service provider ‘Observer’ held an ICO on offshore coin exchange Coinsuper.

Observer said on Dec 14 that it has listed its own coin Observer Coin (OBSR) on the Coinsuper.

Established in Feb. 2018, Coinsuper is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange that has 66 coins in circulation across 103 markets. Its daily trading volume is in the neighborhood of US$120 million. As of December, 2018, the exchange moved up and down the 10th-25th ranking in terms of adjusted volume of coin market cap.

The listing was made in the BTC market described as Coin Transaction on its menu.

Observer is a blockchain-based weather forecast big data service provider that aims to build a Big Data Analytics network by gathering data across users’ or subscribers’ mobile phones, vehicles and unmanned weather monitoring stations scattered around the world. The company was registered with Korea Meteorological Association as an official weather service provider.

Kim Se Jin, CEO with Observer said, “Although cryptocurrency exchange markets have been mired in the doldrums suffering from free-falls in the Bit Coin prices, Observer has been on a stable growth curve. The ICO on the Coinsuper will mark a watershed moment for our advances into top-tier exchanges as well as global weather forecast service market.”

Written by Han Min Ok 

Edited by Jason Kang

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