Blockchain-based container tracking system goes into test run service in Busan, Korea
Blockchain-based container tracking system goes into test run service in Busan, Korea
  • Jason Kang
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Just known as the family name alone of Mr. Kim, a container truck driver often gets stuck in a big traffic jam going through a gate to an off-dock container terminal yard, because he and other drivers wait in long line to be screened and authorized to be the right person to pick up a delivery certification document paper and to move into the yard to carry a designated container on board.


No longer is it the case, however, as a pilot project of a blockchain -based maritime ocean-going logistics system will go online next year.


The ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and the ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said on Dec 18 that they have worked together to start the pilot project effective from early January 2019.

To be run at the country’s largest container port Busan City, the southernmost tip of the Korean peninsula, the pilot project will help streamline container logistics flow from start to finish, enabling all of authorized parties like truck driver, shippers, customs clearance officers, terminal operators, ship lines, and gate keepers to share real-time data on the flows along the logistics line.


For example, truck drivers like Mr. Kim can access the system via their mobile phones to share and scan job assignment data on what date and time and where to pick up their designated containers without waiting in long lines at the terminal to get a container pick-up and delivery certification document paper.


The blockchain-based distributed ledge technology will really cut short the long and cumbersome processes to just one hour, which used to take 1 or 2 days under the current centralized container logistic system,” said Yang Ki Sung, senior manage with the ministry.


The blockchain technology will be also used to keep track of beef distribution history starting from January. The ministry has been working together with the ministry of agriculture and livestock to launch the pilot project of the blockchain-based beef history tracking system, which keeps track of the whole line of beef distribution channel from livestock farms to butchery to packaging houses to butchers’ shops to retail stores.


All interested parties along the line can share data on the supply chain flows in real time, as the blockchain technology can store all the data on its distributed ledge network.


The livestock supply chain tracking system and the container logistics follow –up pilot projects are the two of the Korean government’s 6 blockchain-based pilot projects announced back in June 2018.


The other four are in already in the test-run service, including the blockchain-based customs clearance online portal system and the offshore consulates or embassy-notarized e-certification document system, to name just two.


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