12 new civil service pilot projects to be built around blockchain platform in Korea
12 new civil service pilot projects to be built around blockchain platform in Korea
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2018.12.26 14:03
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12 new blockchain-based pilot projects for civil services will go live in early 2019 to test-run how the blockchain technology will dramatically transform the way that public officers deal with tones of data across a dozen of civil services from foods and pharmaceuticals tracking to wasted second battery history tracking to electronic drug prescription, just to name a few.

The Ministry of Science and ICT said on Dec. 21 that it has designed 12 new blockchain-based civil service pilot projects, earmarking 8.5 billion won for its fiscal 2019 budget to finance the launch of the projects in 2019.

The 12 pilot projects is additions to the ministry-led 6 blockchain-based pilot projects that were put in civil service in 2018– the government-funded initiative that aims to innovate civil services and lay out the groundwork for private sectors’ rush in the market. 

For one thing, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration plans to establish a blockchain-based defense system proposal and evaluation platform. The system will allow the administration, the ministry of defense, and the agency for defense development alike to share proposal documents for defense system and evaluation certifications through the blockchain platform to prevent forgeries and counterfeits of documents.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety plans to build a ‘HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)’ service platform around the blockchain technology to share data on HACCP operations and certifications as well as foods distribution in real time basis with its agencies.

The platform will enable them to control and cope with occurrences and proliferations of hazardous foods in real-time, as it will allow them to keep track of them.

The Seoul Metropolitan City government-funded Seoul Medical Center will build a medical convergence service platform around the blockchain solution to allow the center and drug stores to share data on drug prescription and certification documents in real time to offer bespoken medical and health service.

The Ministry of Military Manpower plans to build a blockchain-based certification paperless civil service platform not only to streamline civil complaints ombudsman and military draft systems, but also monitor daily activities of substitute military servicemen.

The Busan Metropolitan City government will build a natural disaster and calamity counter-measure platform around the blockchain technology to share data on earthquake, typhoons and fires, and ship wrecking to cope with the natural and man-made disaster in real time. The platform also will allow all concerned parties to monitor data on how to operate disaster funds. Other 7 blockchain-based pilot projects include an electronic mailbox system, a national document archives management and tracking system, a greenhouse gas monitoring system for CO2 emission, a history tracking and management system for wasted batteries, a bespoken toursim planning system, and a human rights protection system for part time workers.

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