Crypto currrency payment system emerges as hotly contested markets in Korea
Crypto currrency payment system emerges as hotly contested markets in Korea
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.01.02 09:07
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Cryptocurrency payment system is rapidly emerging as highly-prized, new market opportunities in Korea, demonstrating the way how Korea has been scrambling to utilize cryptocurrency technologies to improve people' daily life.

To tap into the potential, Korean blockchain technology builders and platform operators alike are aggressively rolling out their own offerings and services.

Cases in point are Hycon and Fantom cryptocurrency payment systems - Hycon Pay and Fantom Pay that blockchain technology builders Glosfer and Fantom Foundation have respectively built around their own ingenious distributed ledger blockchain platforms.

Decentralized, incentivized SNS protocol TTC Protocol is also joining the hotly contested race to roll out its home grown, on-hand cryptocurrency payment service TTC Pay'.

TTC Pay is a sort of blockchain-based handy payment service available both in online and offline platform, simultaneously supporting mobile SDK payments and offline QR payments.

As it is interoperable with almost all of current payments system, all users have to do is just to download TTC mobile SDK and then use it to pay bills across a range of offline physical places and online virtual places from shopping malls to box offices and game sites.

For example, users will be soon able to find out a "TTC Pay" option among a menu of e-commerce payment methods and then click on it to pay bills. 

TTC Protocol also has unveiled an "QR code" solution, under which users can pay bills by recognizing QR code with its own mobile wallet service 'TTC Connect'.

If sellers open TTC wallet and register it, for example, they can create QR code for TTC settlements. Consumers or users can pay bills by scanning the QR codes with the download TTC Connect.

TTC Protocol is now test-running a demo shopping mall where users can experience all the way from selection of commodities to choices of payment options to payments.

TTC Protocol is a decentralized incentive-based SNS cryptocurrency platform that redeems creators of SNS contents with cryptocurrency.

Operated by Glosfer, Hycon Pay is a cryptocurrency payments system that was built around blockchain-based digital assets trading platform Hycon and went into service in December 2018.

Scheduled to go live in early 2019, Fantom Pay is a Fantom cryptocurrency exchange-centric payment service.

The proliferation of cryptocurrency payment system is one of major attempts by cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform operators in Korea to commoditize

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