BXA token to be listed on Bithumb Exchange on mid Jan
BXA token to be listed on Bithumb Exchange on mid Jan
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BXA token is to be listed on cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb Exchange on mid Jan. 2019.

Bithumb notices today that the exchange is to publicly list BXA tokens effective from Jan. 3 as part of its plan to join the BXA, or blockchain exchange alliance.

The ICO of BXA tokens in the Bithumb Exchange is the first public offering of the cryptocurrecny tokens on record, as the crypto-tokens have been so far sold through channel marketing only to private investors.

BXA is a sort of digital assets exchange consortium that is now trying to rally many global cryptocurrency exchanges under its arm to consolidate liquidity of digital assets across exchanges.

BXA token is a settlement-centric crypto token that will be in circulation across the BXA member exchanges and its authorized online and offline merchant stores not only to allow users to buy products and services with the tokens, but also trade other cryptocurrencies with them.

Leading the BXA alliance is Singapore-based BK Group, owner of the Bithumb Exchange.

At a press conference held on Dec. 27, 2018, Kim Byung Gun CEO with BK group disclosed his plan to consolidate liquidities across the alliance member exchanges and secure a beachhead in the U.S. STO (security token offering) market.

“Even if we open exchanges, trading will rarely happen with few traders in charge. This means that exchanges awash in rich liquidity only can survive. We will lead liquidity consolidation across member exchanges, “ stressed he

Written by Hwang Chi Kyu delight@thebchain.co.kr 

Edited by Jason Kang jason@thebchain.co.kr  

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