Bitcoin-based livestock supply chain management system to go live in Korea
Bitcoin-based livestock supply chain management system to go live in Korea
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.01.09 15:04
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Korea is increasingly becoming a test bed for how to use the much-hyped blockchain technologies for daily life.

Flip through the country’s major vernacular dailies or online news outlets, and you can easily notice that blockchain platform builders and other incumbent companies are trying every possible scenario to exploit the distributed ledger technology to their advantage.

A case in point; Bitcoin-based supply chain data platform TEMCO and livestock logistics management start-up 6gram Co., Ltd. will cooperate to build a bitcoin smart contract-based livestock supply chain and logistics management platform around the blockchain technology.

The two companies said on Jan. 9 that they would work together to combine each of their expertise and knowhow to build the bitcoin smart contract technology-based supply chain management platform to make the livestock logistics system hassle-free and far speedier.


Under the partnership, TEMCO will implement its blockchain-centric smart contract technology in the platform to enable the 6gram to intelligently and transparently manage the whole layers of the livestock supply chain system from contracts to packaging to deliveries.

The 6gram will use TEMCO’s bitcoin smart contract technology to create a transparent livestock history tracking environment, under which restaurant owners and consumers alike can keep track of every layer of the livestock supply chain system easily, quickly and more importantly, transparently.

Yoon Jae Seop, CEO with TEMCO said, “Our homegrown bitcoin-based supply chain blockchain technology will allow all participants concerned to keep track of all steps of the logistics and supply chain system to check temperatures and locations in real time.”

Lee Jong Geun, CEO with 6gram said, “Access to transparent livestock logistics information will be inevitable in creating a minimum package and single day delivery system for fresh meats.”

6gram Co., Ltd. is a livestock logistics management start-up that runs a last-mileage single day quick delivery system ‘MeatQuick’ and a direct purchase online shopping ‘Majangdong Cow Smuggler Band'.

The prefix Majangdong is called after the name Korea’s legacy, time-honored famous Majangdong livestock wholesale market. The “Smuggler Band is a jokingly coined-term to highlights the company as a highly specialized connoisseur group for livestock of all kind.

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