LINKA, HCIative ally to build a new breed of health-finance management platform
LINKA, HCIative ally to build a new breed of health-finance management platform
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.01.11 09:59
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Blockchain-based financial service provider LINKA joins hand with U.S.-based healthcare platform operator HCIative to enter into overseas healthcare management market. The company said on Jan 9 that it has signed a MOU with HCIative to jointly make a foray into U.S. and Southeast Asian healthcare management market.

Under the terms of the agreement, LINKA will implement its LINKA cryptocurency payment platform into HClative’s healthcare management platform to create a new breed of health-finance management platform.

The creation will mark the first use case that combines domestic blockchain-based credit payment system with the U.S.-based healthcare platform, the companies said.

The hybrid platform not only will allow users to pay small amount of bills in LINKA crypto tokens across hospitals and insurance companies, but also get them redeemed with crypto tokens in return if they provide their personal healthcare data.

Established in 2006, the Maryland, U.S.-based HCIative is an AI-centric healthcare management platform that uses AL algorithm to analyze subscribers’ healthcare data to help assess insurance costs. The platform also enables hospitals to provide custom-tailored medical treatment services based on patients’ personal healthcare data.

Laymen can join the platform, too to get wellness services like precautionary and post treatments.

“This cooperation will pave the way for both of the two companies to tap into yet uncharted area encouraging users to feed back more of their personal healthcare data with a so-called merit system, under which they are rewarded with LINKA crypto tokens,” Henry Cha, CEO with HCIactive.

Added he, “, But it will also lay the groundwork for blockchain-based LINKA platform to carve out its niche as a handy cryptocurrency payment system among hospitals the U.S. and Southeast Asian countries.”

Kim Jeong Heok, CEO with LINKA said, “Converging HCIactive’s data warehouse and AI-based wellness system with LINKA blockchain platform will help create a next generation of healthcare platform. Our ultimate goal is to build a health-finance hybrid system that aims to prevent forgery and counterfeits of healthcare data and streamline time-consuming, cumbersome and complicated work processes between hospitals and insurance companies.”


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