LG CNS stretches out its reach across EEA, HyperLedger and R3
LG CNS stretches out its reach across EEA, HyperLedger and R3
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.01.17 17:53
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LG CNS said today that it has joined EEA, or ethereum enterprise association as a member company, following on the heel of its membership in the two other alliances HyperLedger and R3- a move to establish a head start in B2B blockchain solution, especially permissible blockchain market.

Launched in 2017, EEA is a sort of industry consortium that aims to create and build a variety of enterprise solutions and business model around Ethereum blockchain platform, boasting of 500 member companies.

High-profile EEA members include global IT heavyweights IBM, software giant Microsoft, PC CPU titan Intel, and global financial behemoth JP Morgan, just to name 4.

LG CNS, a SI subsidiary of LG big conglomerate, joined in another global blockchain consortium HyperLedger in July 2018 and since then has been working as a member company.

The system integrator also signed a partnership agreement with R3 consortium, a very dedicated financial blockchain alliance in May 2018. LG CNS’s triangle ties with the three technology consortiums will position the SI provider better than other competitors to address B2B enterprise, permissible blockchain markets across the world. 

LG CNS won a bid to build a blockchain platform for Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation in July 2018, for example and is putting final touches on the system build-up to test run it sometime in January to provide mobile gift voucher, document certification, and digital ID services. The platform is built around LG CNS’s homegrown Monachain blockchain platform that is underlain by HyperLedger Fabric technology.

"As we have joined HyperLedger consortium, we finally came to form a triangle relationship with global top three enterprise private blockchain platform technologies. It will be a launching pad for us to advance into more lucrative, fast-growing marketplace,” said Cho In Haeng, director with LG CNS.


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