Blockchain-based public certificate issuance platform to go live in Korea
Blockchain-based public certificate issuance platform to go live in Korea
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.01.23 09:16
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Starting from December, Korean citizens will be able to have various public certificates issued in blockchain-based digital formats, and then store them on their PCs or mobile phones and submit them digitally with no need of printouts in paper formats.

The Ministry of Interior and Safety today disclosed a blueprint for a build-up plan to establish a blockchain-based public certificate issuance and distribution platform, under which all of public certificates will be digitally issued, stored, viewed, and shared in the platform across all participants to verify them.

The ministry will have a public hearing with other government agencies and municipalities in charge to finalize the build-up plan.

Once all government agencies and public offices in charge reach a consensus, the ministry plans to build up the platform until November.

Starting from December, the ministry will test run the pilot platform to digitalize a residence certificate in the first place to allow them to be shared and verified in the blockchain network.

Once the system proves stable and secure, the ministry will gradually digitalize certificates of family relationship, a land register, a building ledger until it will complete the 1st phase of the project by 2021.

So, far, Korean people have gone online to have these public certificates issued on the Web site called “Government Administration 24” via the Internet, or directly visit nearby civil offices.

Yet, they have to print out them on their PCs, as they are asked to submit them in paper formats, sending them by fax, or delivering on foot.

Otherwise, they are required to send them in image files to civil offices, or banks and schools via email so that they store them in their centralized server computers.

The conventional paper-based certificate issue and delivery system have made the Korean society pay high prices in overhead costs. In 2017 alone, the government has issued 870 million public paper certificates in total 2,700 sorts. If 10% of these paper certificates is digitalized, it can save about 500 billion won in overhead costs, including paper inventory and logistics costs.

Counterfeit and forgeries of certificates will be kept in check, too.

The platform will allow Korean citizens to download and implement an electronic document wallet app on their mobile to keep and carry various certificates on the wallet. The wallet app will be available from the Government 24 site.

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