Korean IP Office confirms Samsung's trademark filing for crypto wallets
Korean IP Office confirms Samsung's trademark filing for crypto wallets
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.01.24 19:07
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Is it a prelude to adoption of crypto wallet into next flagship Galaxy S10 ?

Amid swirling rumors that Samsung Electronics’ next flagship smart phone model Galaxy S10 will incorporate a built-in crypto wallet, the world’s largest mobile phone maker turns out to file for 5 cryptocurrency-and blockchain-related trademarks with Korean Intellectual Property Office, or KIPO.

In an interview with the bchain, Korean vernacular online news media, officials at KIPO confirmed that Samsung Electronics filed for 5 trademarks on crypto digital wallets and blockchain services in December.

Samsung's trademark filing documents headlines it as "Samsung Crypto Wallet"   

Bringing the months-long rumors back in the spotlight again, the confirmation is fanning out questions about whether or not the filing is a prelude to the adoption of crypto wallet into the Galaxy S10 smart phone, which is scheduled to debut on February 20.

The 5 trademarks filed with KIPO are those for Samsung Crypto Wallet, Samsung Blockchain Wallet, Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain Key Box,a and Blockchain Core.

In the filing documents applied on December 28, Samsung explained that the trademark for 'Samsung Crypto Wallet 'is about computer application software for smart phones, namely software to allow users to transfer cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology and pay via 3rd party’s application software.

The same explanation is true of trademark of Samsung Blockchain Wallet

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