National Police Agency of Korea warns of rampant crypto-hacking activities
National Police Agency of Korea warns of rampant crypto-hacking activities
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.02.13 08:45
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The National Police Agency of Korea sounds an alarming signal that phishing attacks against cryptocurrency exchanges will become more rampant in 2019.

The police agency  has published a 2018 analysis report on cyber-attack threats , which has kept tracks of cyber-attack activities aimed at Korean cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018 and analyzed them by type and case.

According to the report, a wide variety of phishing mails had been sent in the disguise of  eye-catching social and political agendas like Summit between South and North Koreans, U.S. and North Korean Summit, and  traffic fine notices.

In 2019, similar types of cyber-attacks are expected to keep proliferating to cheat cryptocurrency exchanges out of money, the police agency warned.

Especially, hoax mails are expected to get into full swing, threatening to indiscriminately bombard  randomly selected email accounts with a shower of false information to trick money out of their crypto accounts or stealthy infect their PCs or phones with malicious codes, or malwares.

The analysis report also highlighted cryptojacking as the most widely affected cyber-attack in 2018, which infected 6,038 PCs with its hiddeb malicious codes .

According to the report, 4 suspects, who masterminded the attacks, showered a massive list of randomly collected 32,435 email accounts with malicious code-hidden hacking mails, which were disguised as curriculum vitae.

Coming embedded with malicious codes exclusively written to illegally mine cryptocurrency ‘Monero’, the crypto-jacking mails had infected 6,038 PCs across the country and forcefully booted up CPUs of half of the infected PCs to steal Monero.

The infected PCs were found to guzzle 2 to 30 times more eletricity power than uninfected PCs.

The 4 suspects were arrested and went to trial. Shockingly, they were found to cheat just 1 million Korean won worth of Monero cryptocurrencies.

The police agency alerts of upcoming ill-willed hacking attempts to stealthy implant mining scripts into some websites, or to send spam mails to illegally take crypto currencies out of PCs or smart phones.


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