CoinTravit to run pilot service of unmanned foreign exchange kiosk system
CoinTravit to run pilot service of unmanned foreign exchange kiosk system
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.02.17 20:03
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Starting from April, overseas holiday goers can exchange Korean won with major foreign hard currencies like U.S dollars or Japanese yen and Euro at unmanned foreign exchange kiosk machine, paying less of transaction fees.

Travel and tourism management start-up CoinTravit Corp. said today that it has developed an unmanned foreign exchange kiosk system and is gearing up itself to supply about 250 kiosk machines across the country’s international airports. Some of them will be supplied for current foreign exchange booth operators, while the remaining will be used to establish its own constellation network of unmanned foreign exchange kiosks, the company said.

The kiosk system will be interoperable with mobile apps, too, serving as foreign exchange hub for O2O, or online to offline services.

“Our unmanned foreign exchange kiosk system is a sort of two-way foreign exchange kiosk system, which enables users not only to directly access with its own built-in touch system, but also log on it via mobile apps to exchange foreign hard currencies, “ said CEO Lee Jong Sun.

He said that its pilot service for unmanned foreign exchange kiosk system will be effective from April.

True enough, users can swap foreign hard currency coins with equivalents notes, or Korean currencies, and vice versa.

15 foreign currencies will can be exchanged with Korean won currency, and Korean won currency can be converted with 6 foreign currencies. The foreign currency exchange reservation service is available, too, enabling users to reserve the exchange online with their mobile phones

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