SKT, Deutsche Telecom to launch a blockchain-based mobile ID system
SKT, Deutsche Telecom to launch a blockchain-based mobile ID system
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.02.22 17:51
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SK Telecom will join hands with Deutsch Telecom to jointly launch a blockchain-based personal ID registration and authentication service

To the end, the Korean mobile service carrier will sign a MOU with T-Labs of the German telecommunication service carrier at MWC 2019 to be in Barcelona, Spain to cooperate in the blockchain business.

The first joint project of the two companies is to replace traditional centralized personal ID registration and authentication system with a blockchain-based decentralized system in what’s called as mobile ID self-registration and self-authentication system.

The traditional centralized system, under which users type in their name and birthdate to have their ID information registered and authenticated online across a centralized computing system to join in online shopping malls or other sites to buy merchandises, or purchase e-tickets. The centralized system risks divulging, or having their personal information being leaked and stolen.

The new blockchain-based system allows them to register and authenticate themselves on their own with no worries over ID thefts or leakages.

Applications are plentiful, varying from national ID cards, passports, driving licenses, ID authentication system for e-ticketing and online merchandise joint-purchasing.

Especially, the system will be of great help for the two service carriers’ subscribers, as it will enable them to easily and mutually access to each of their online sites to shop, or buy or get local services.

Visitors to booths of the two carriers at MWC 2019 can see a demo show on how to register and authenticate them to have blockchain-based mobile ID cards issued and if there is a volunteer, he or she can have their mobile ID issued via a virtual network, registering and authenticating their personal information on their own

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