Samsung SDS to build an blockchain-based ultra-interoperable logistics platform DELIVER
Samsung SDS to build an blockchain-based ultra-interoperable logistics platform DELIVER
  • Jason Kang
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Samsung SDS sets out on a long journey to establish an integrated, ultra-interoperable global blockchain logistics platform that is to be interoperable with a multiple of heterogeneous blockchain platforms

At a seminar held at Pangyo hi-tech cluster region on March 14, Samsung SDS unveiled its development work on its own home-grown blockchain-based global logistics platform called as DELIVER.

Termed as ‘Platform of Platforms”, DELIVER is what Samsung SDS is scrambling to establish as an integrated global cross-chain blockchain logistics platform that will be able to seamlessly work together multiple blockchain platforms with no interruption.

As several hundreds of different protocol-based heterogeneous blockchain platforms have been springing up as an isolated island to each other, how to make them interoperable with each other is rapidly emerging as a hot issue.

Samsung SDS sees new market opportunities there, where others see it impede rapid and wide adoption of blockchain technologies across global logistics and transportation system.

For example, Samsung SDS has built a blockchain-based customs clearance system around a hyper –ledger fabric platform, On the other hand, the Netherlands’ national customs clearance system is built with Ethereum platform, according to Ha Seung Hyup, fellow researcher with Samsung SDS.

“We are now working to build an ultra-interoperable blockchain logistics system DELIVER than can work together with all of these heterogeneous blockchain platforms. For example, Samsung has been experimenting the interoperability between our Hyper-ledger-based customs clearance system with the Ethereum-based platform in a joint efforts with ABN AMRO and Rotterdam Port Authority of the Netherlands”, said he.

“The results turn out to be what we expect it to be, demonstrating the ability to share 5 customs-clearance documents as well as all the tacking information with the concerned parties of the Netherlands, “ added he.

According to him, Samsung is test-running the DELIVER system to upgrade it to the extent that it can work together with other countries’ blockchain logistics system than the Netherlands’.

True enough, Samsung is now working hard to test the interoperability of its DELIVER system with other blockchain platform technologies than Ethereum to make it a platform of platforms for logistics and transportation management. The commercial rollout of the DELIVER is expected to start next year.

Samsung’s engagement with the blockchain-based logistics system dates back in 2017 when the system integration subsidiary of Samsung big conglomerate a logistics consortium to apply the blockchain technologies for customs clearance and transportation management. In 2018, Samsung SDS won a bid to develop and supply a blockchain-based customs clearance system for the Korean Customs Office.

Another tack record is its joint work with a consortium of domestic fisheries and sea foods processing companies to develop a blockchain-based distribution platform to manage and keep track of production and distribution of fisheries and sea foods products. With 9 maritime products process companies lie Samjin Fishcake Co., Ltd, the system allows every concerned parties to share a whole bunch of information from farming or breeding and production all the way through delivery to retail sales.

For example, Samsung SDS had developed a proof of concept, or POC system in 2017 and then had 9 maritime products processing companies join the system. Cases in point is the platform’s tracking system of abalone farming and distribution history. This system allows consumers to keep track of where the abalone was farmed artificially and processed with great transparency by scanning and matching QR codes on the abalone package with their smart phones. Samsung SDS said that it has a goal of earning 4.9 trillion won in revenue from logistics business.     

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