Bithumb found to be stolen unspecified amounts of cryptocurrencies
Bithumb found to be stolen unspecified amounts of cryptocurrencies
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.03.31 14:17
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Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb was found to have its own cryptocurrencies illegally withdrawn out of its cryptocurrency custody account.

Bithumb said on March 30 that the exchange-owned cryptocurrencies were found to be illegally withdrawn by someone, who is suspected to be on a company payroll.

The illegal withdrawal was found at 22 pm on March 29, and then one hour later, the company had stopped all of its cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal services. But cryptocurrency trading service is available. Details on the stolen amounts are not disclosed. Nor are illegally withdrawn-cryptocurrencies available. Yet, one foreign blog post pointed out the stolen cryptocurreny was EOS, adding that its private key was stolen.   


The cryptocurrency exchange blamed anonymous insiders for the illegal withdrawal, but still has yet to find who committed the alleged crime, just guessing that the mastermind would be some workers who are ill-willed against the exchange’s recent rigid corporate downsizing program.

The exchange said that there were no clues to outside hacking attempts

Blaming downward spirals in the price of cryptocurrencies across the globe, Bithumb has started a painful corporate restructuring program, not only reducing employees by half with a voluntary and early payout package, but also closing much of its backup office operations like call centers.

According to industry estimates, the amount of withdrawn cryptocurrencies are estimated in the neighborhood of 10 billion to 20 billion Korean won.

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