Samsung SDS to put Deliver at the fore of its global expansion
Samsung SDS to put Deliver at the fore of its global expansion
  • Jason Kang
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In a bid to expand its stake in the global enterprise blockchain market Samsung SDS decided to stake out connectivity, convergence, and cloud platform as new technology focus areas.

At a media day held on June 18 in Seoul, Samsung SDS has not only reviewed its on-going business performances, but also charted out its future roadmap for the blockchain business.

Samsung SDS said that it has pinpointed three key irreversible trends in the global blockchain market; services convergences among a variety of industries, growing connectivity of different technologies, and fast adoption and expansion of easy-to-use and user-friendly blockchain technology.

To address these three compelling market trends, Samsung plans to put s-called 3Cs like convergence, connectivity and cloud platform at the forefront of its global marketing strategy for market penetration.

Especially, Samsung plans to aggressively exploit a global cloud platform to speed up connectivity and convergence.

Hong Hae Jin, executive vice president with Samsung SDS
Hong Hae Jin, executive vice president with Samsung SDS

Hong Hae Jin, executive vice president with Samsung SDS, said, ”A growing number of enterprises are recently required to launch a set of novel services that can converge many different business processes across manufacturing, finance, healthcare, logistics, and public sectors.

A case in point : Samsung SDS will form a consortium with digital healthcare specialized corporations, healthcare and medical centers, and insurance companies to launch the test-run of a blockchain-based automatic insurance claim policy system.

Once set up, according to Samsung, insurance policy claimants don’t need to set up an app. “The automatic insurance claim policy will simplify a complicated and lengthy claiming process, not only allowing users to easily claim policies, but also enabling hospitals to reduce waiting time and make the paper an document process system more effective,” added executive vice president Hong.

That will also allow insurance companies to save their expenses by 70% by shortening the time to process.

Connecting various types of blockchain networks with each other is rapidly emerging as a key to sophisticating blockchain infrastructure.

A case in point is Samsung’s co-work with OneConnect of China to connect a Tianjin Airport Air Cargo blockchain platform with Incheon Airport Customs Clearance and Logistics System in a one loop.

The Tianjin platform was built by OneConnect, while the Inchon system was established by Samsung SDS.

Samsung said that the connected system will serve a key component in the Korea-China blokchain-centric trading network of the future.

Samsung pinpointed the Deliver platform, a jointly-built connected platform by Port of Rotterdam, ABN-AMRO Bank, and Samsung SDS as a role model of how to connect heterogeneous blockchain platforms.

The Deliver is a multiparty platform of various heterogeneous system of Nexledger, Hyperledger Fabric, and Ethereum.

Samsung plans to put the Deliver at the vanguard of its global effort to build global logistics information network.

“There is another use case under which the blockchain technology manages an entire process of mobile phone manufacturing and distribution ecosystem from factory output all the way through retailing and insurance policy, executive vice president Hong continued.

Cloud computing is rapidly emerging as a key infrastructure for building up this connected and converged platform, as it costs less and make it easier to build a blockchain platform.

To keep up with this trend, Samsung is now offering its own home-grown Nexledger Universal across Amazon Web service and Microsoft Azure to allow users to free exloit it with no server system ad no apps.

Samsung also has opened Nexledger Universal testnet to allow users to develop a blockchain and test it with for nothing.


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