Oh, Gab Su, former high-ranking officer of FSS, to lead Korea Blockchain Association
Oh, Gab Su, former high-ranking officer of FSS, to lead Korea Blockchain Association
  • Jason Kang
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Oh, Kap-Su, chairman with Korea Blockchain Association
Oh, Gab-Su, chairman with Korea Blockchain Association

Oh, Gab-Su, former first senior deputy governor with Financial Supervisory Services of Korea, was elected as chairman of Korea Blockchain Association in a unanimous vote.

The bureaucrat-turned business man is expected to play a mediator role in harmonizing differences between the Korean government and blockchain and cryptocurrency industries over how to regulate and promote the market.

Especially, as he used to work as a chairman of financial and economy committee of the presidential candidate camp for President Moon during the 2017 presidential election campaign, he will be able to express a strong voice in defending and promoting the interests of the market and the industries against the government’s unfavorable policy decision-making.

In his inaugural address, chairman OH said, “As the world has just started the 4th Industrial Revolution Era, the Korean economy is not only seeing new opportunities on the horizon, but also confronting new challenges.”

“Blockchain technologies will help create an ecosystem for sharing and tolerant economy and financial system for middle-income class and small-and middle-sized enterprises. The technologies will also help newly create new jobs, as they will revolutionize the way that we handle logistics, trading and financial systems, and health care and medical services, opening up massive new job opportunities. I will go all out to promote the healthy gowth of the domestic blockchain industry.” added he.

The Korea Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization formed to represent interests of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Chiarman Oh with a doctorate in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has an outstanding job career in the government bureaucracies and private financial sectors. He used to work as a vice-governor of SC Chartered Jaeil Bank.


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