Korean companies ally to build up a blockchain-based decentralized identifier platform
Korean companies ally to build up a blockchain-based decentralized identifier platform
  • Jason Kang
  • 승인 2019.07.16 11:43
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Korea’s three mobile service carriers, smartphone manufacturers, and financial institutions have joined forces to create an industry-wide consortium to establish a blockchain network for mobile e-certification.

The consortium includes SK Telecom, KT, LG U-plus, Samsung Electronics, KEB Hana Bank, Woori Bank, and Koscom.

The mobile e-certification platform will be built with a forgery-and fake-immune distributed-ledger blockchain technology-based DID, or decentralized identifiers to launch a self-sovereign identity service, enabling users to certificate and authenticate their ID information on their own.

The sort of on-demand service will enable smartphone users to store or keep their ID information on a certain security storage section inside their smartphones and bring up a variety of self-identification and certification documents whenever they are in need.

The service is expected to dramatically simplify the way that various certification documents are issued and submitted. For example, it will allow university graduate students to submit all of certification documents in mobile e-documents formats, not paper formats for admission exam or interviews for enterprise, including university graduation documents and their performance score card.

In turn, enterprises can make certain whether their e-documents are genuine or forged using this platform.

In the first place, the consortium plans to commercialize mobile e-university certification documents issuance services on this platform, while adopting this platform to be used with Koscom’s privately held venture start-up marketplace. To sped up the adoption, the consortium is also considering to use the platform for big enterprises’ recruitments of fresh and careered recruits. The consortium is in talks with LG Group, KT and SK Group to the end.

The consortium also plans to rally more of enterprises to join in to launch a variety of services, including mobile ID-based office access and entry system, e-signature certification, a non- face-to face user authentication service, certification documents for insurances and general hospitals, membership documents for resorts and golf club, and online login services.

The consortium members will play their own parts in build-up of this platform, feeding back their system expertise and knowhow.

KT will utilize its own blockchain-based BaaS and 5G giga stealth blockchain platform technology for this platform. SK Telecom will exploit its expertise and knowhow in its test-run service of blockchain-based entry access services for this platform. Samsung Electronics will input its Knox mobile security technology-based blockchain technology to help manage users’ ID information securely. Banks will share their idea and knowhow on how to certificate various documents in very secure way.


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