Adoption of blockchain technology gains speed across various government agencies
Adoption of blockchain technology gains speed across various government agencies
  • Jason Kang
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The adoption of blockchain technology is gaining speed, as the Koran government is scrambling to implement the distributed ledger-based decentralized computing technology in a variety of government-led IT projects.

Cases in point are a research project that the presidential committee for balanced national developments is embarking on as well as the Interior and Safety Ministry-led intelligent e-government project.

The presidential committee for balanced national developments will carry out a research project from Sept. through Jan. 2020 to map out a “Digital New Deal” strategy aimed at seeking out national developments in a balanced way.

Aimed at establishing a hotbed for nurturing regional venture start-ups across the country, key to pursuing balanced national developments, the New Deal strategy plans to drive technology innovations across the country. Parts of the program are to incubate a crop of talented and bespoken engineers in 10 key technology sectors like AI, blockchain, and Big Data Analysis.

Creating intelligent digital government is another of the government-led project to make the use of the blockchain technology. On the way toward that goal, the ministry of interior and safety plans to create Big Data Analytics platform in sync with blockchain technologies, enabling it to store and manage a vast chunk of data to lay out the foundation for the creation of e-government platform.

Yet, that’s just part of the whole picture. Other government agencies are also considering, or gearing up to implement the blockchain technology into their next generation of infrastructure build-up projects. For example, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration plans to establish its defense acquisition management platform across the blockchain technology.

The Military Manpower Administration also plans to adopt the blockchain to build up a new civil service platform for military manpower. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism plans to use the blockchain technology to manage copyrights and contents. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport seeks to adopt the blockchain technology to manage real estate documents.

Other government agencies, which are adopting the blockchain technology, include the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Korea Customs Service.

The Financial Services Commission is also supporting various financial institutions’ attempts to create a new breed of blockchain-based financial services


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